Fast Automated Access Subscriptions

Fast automated access subscriptions into the General or Sugarbabe forums

Fast Automated Access Subscriptions

Gain fast automated access to a wealth of information in the TNT review forums.

Brothel / Escort / Massage reviews

A subscription to our general level review forums, which is ideal for:

  • New punters
  • Interstate or international visitors
  • Time-poor individuals who can fit in the occasional punt but writing one up is out of the question

Sugarbabe Reviews

A subscription to our SB Verified meet review forums, which is ideal for:

  • Aspiring / new Sugardaddies
  • Subscribers to SB websites


How to proceed

  • You must Register an account on the forums, or log in to your existing forum account.
  • Once you are logged in, come back to this page, the subscription mechanisms will be available to you. Being logged in to a forum account is necessary for the automated system to seamlessly grant access to the correct account.
  • If you prefer to deal with a human, contact @trenchy or @waterboy using the forum private messaging system. You must also be logged in to your forum account to do this.
  • Access via subscription or membership cannot be provided without registering and logging in to a forum account. Refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.
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    Jul 1, 2023
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