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Fresh and exclusive content
  • 1000+ reviews per month and growing
  • All review content is exclusive to TNT. Copy and pasters across multiple sites are shown the door
  • A maximum age of 2 months for reviews, no old, stale, or out-of-date information is allowed
  • No bait-and-switch or unknown name reviews wasting your time
  • All reviews tagged with consistent identifiable tags that provides a powerful cloud tag search
  • The TNT Librarian gathers and sorts reviews and information, saving you valuable time and finding you better punts
Positive culture
  • TNT forums are actively moderated and have a positive vibe and a no-BS culture
  • Trolls, keyboard warriors, time-wasters, debaters, misogynists and doxxers are moved on
  • Vibrant discussion forums
  • Members consistently praise our culture, technology and continuous improvement
  • No lurkers, every member has submitted their own reviews or contributed toward operating costs
No advertising
  • No paid advertisements to distract you
  • No "cash for comment" reviews on the TNT forums
  • Search engines are not let in to go through your profile, posts or reviews
  • No emails or other spam from us
  • No costs or waiting periods to access private messaging facilities, and no quantity limits on them
  • TNT forums are the only non-conflicted punters forum in Australia, we are fully funded by member subscriptions and donations
  • Other forums remove your reviews of their advertisers when you are critical of them or they stop paying their advertising fees
Technology - The TNT Library!
  • The TNT Library is a powerful suite of tools that can help you find a venue or provider quickly. Try the demo for a glimpse
  • Free to access when you have posted the required amount of content
  • You can try it out in the TNT Library Preview. The full version is unique to TNT and continues to amaze and benefit members
  • Directories are sortable by genre, region, review age, advertising photo accuracy
  • Enhanced search, including unique to punting forums Nearby Search, helps you quickly find providers that offer what you like
  • The custom member dashboard has Favorites/Black Book for providers and venues
  • Profiles contain performance graphs for providers, agencies, and venues, showing whether venues and agencies have a proven track record of offering superstars or duds
  • Quickly plan your travel with the integrated maps display
  • We use the latest version of sleek, modern forum software while some other punting forums are still running on software and infrastructure that has been end-of-life for many years. That’s like daring to use Windows 7 online today, hackers could walk right through it if they wanted to.
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