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Australia's biggest sex worker and Sugar Baby review site.

Why pay subscription fees to old school forums, when you can join the most progressive forum in the country.
  • Free to join.
  • No silly waiting periods to join, private message your review to @trenchy or @Waterboy and you're in.
  • No costs or waiting periods to access private messaging facilities, just post your first review and they are unrestricted.
  • All exclusive content, 600 reviews a month and growing. Copy and pasters are shown the door.
  • Trolls, time wasters and debaters are not welcome, we enjoy a positive vibe and a no BS culture.
  • No old, stale, out of date intel, where the place is closed and the working lady long gone.
  • No ramming advertising down your throat every page, in fact this forum is advertisement-free, no ads at all.
  • No search engines going through your profile, posts and reviews.
  • No lurkers. Every member on TNT has submitted their own reviews.
  • No working ladies, wives, employers, jacks, journos or council stooges paying a fee and reading your reviews.
  • No waiting periods to access the busy Verified forums, post your reviews and you are in.
  • TNT is the only non-conflicted punters forum in Australia, working hard for punters.
TNT Library - Unique to Punting Forums

The TNT Library has innovation, progression, data matching, algorithms, the TNT Librarian bot, extensive tagging, enhanced search, reports... all working together for you to find better punts.
  • Directories and Enhanced Search let you quickly find working ladies that offer what you like.
  • Dashboard with Favorites / Black Book for providers and venues
  • YMMV reports and performance graphs for providers, agencies and venues.
  • Summary reports let you quickly see whether venues and agencies have a proven track record of offering superstars or duds.
  • Venue features
Member Feedback: "A lot of people don't realize how powerful the library is. I can go to a suburb I have never been to before and within 2 minutes work out what shop is best for my needs and the girls that I wouldn't mind seeing and I haven't even read 1 review. Doing that the old way through search takes a lot of time." - Read more member feedback here.

5 January 2021 - TNT Library now supports rapid indexing of providers with accurate images in their ads. Quickly find honest advertisers and support them with your patronage, completely bypass the bait and switchers and heavy editing. Results determined by punters going and seeing the WL's for themselves and reporting back.

23 December 2020 - Nearby Search feature upgraded to also report privates within surrounding suburbs to the specified distance. Now working for Brothel, Escort and RnT workers. No other punting review forum has this.

24 October 2020 - Reviews from punts prior to the March 2020 lockdown are no longer being accepted as join reviews. Where punters have been out of action due to restrictions and cannot provide a join review, a subscription option is now available for a limited time. Register on the forums and PM @trenchy or @Waterboy for details.

Member feedback: "This is awesome. It's like a better version of Locanto." - Read more member feedback here.

To read the reviews....
Register for the forum and follow our verification process. You will then be granted access to review content.

This forum is run by punters for punters. Loads of reviews posted daily.

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How to read and post reviews of Australian Sex Workers

And an idea of what is inside TNT Mk2

TNT Features

Verified forums
  • New members get access to plenty of intel in the general forums
  • Post 6 reviews to access the Verified forums for heaps more Melbourne and Sydney reviews
Secure ring-fenced niche forums
  • BBFS forum for Escorts, Brothel and RnT reviews
  • Sugarbabe Verified forums
  • Sugarbabe BBFS forums
  • TS forums (NEW)
Extensive Bait and Switch Register
  • Reduce being suckered by false advertising

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