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Why join the TNT Sugarbabe Forums?

TNT began as a Melbourne-based forum for brothel / escort / massage reviews back in 2010 when a group of members from other forums decided to create the only completely independent Sex Review forum in Australia - the forum has grown across NSW, QLD and SA with the majority of reviews coming from NSW and Victoria. We do not take money from escorts, pimps, shops, brothels or any other advertising. We do not let Google into the forum to read your reviews and so the only things you can see from the outside are what we curate to draw the kind of members we want in here.

In 2019 we created the Sugarbabe Forums just prior to COVID swamping the world and, despite the challenges of lockdowns in Melbourne and Sydney, our membership grew slowly and steadily. Fast forward to 2022 and the Sugarbabe forums have real momentum. In the past 9 months we have doubled the content that was achieved in the first three years. To give you an idea of what is inside the forum, we have
  • Over 5,000 threads on individual Sugarbabes who have profiles on the major Sugarbabe platforms including
  • More than 3,300 Intel Posts on individual Sugarbabes, each catalogued by profile name, state, platform and month of the meet/conversation which include summaries of pre-meets and discussions of how they like to connect, their preferences in and out of the bedroom and their expectation of the arrangement they are looking for
  • Over 1,300 detailed, long-form sex meets (we call them reviews) written by our members on individual Sugarbabes they have been to bed with and the costs of the meet / arrangement - each catalogued by profile name, state, platform and month
  • Over 350 discussion topic threads from hosting, to negotiation, to managing privacy and feelings, and hotel and bar recommendations for those wanting to be discreet, to long term arrangements, to gifting, travelling with your SB - all from guys who have been there and done that, not some random throw-away line on social media post.
  • The TNT Sugarbabe Library which catalogues the reviews / intel posts on each Sugarbabe to make it easy for you to read about her from the perspective of different reviewers who have interacted with her.
  • The Scammers / time-wasters thread - anyone who has ever been on a dating site knows how frustrating it is to sift through time wasters and scammers. At TNT our members do the heavy lifting for each other by actively reporting those who are asking for deposits, prepayments, platonic meets for ridiculous amounts of money "to show you are serious" and gifts in advance of meeting. We weed out all of the ones you want to avoid so that you can focus your time and energy more effectively
Melbourne and Sydney dominate the forums, but with interstate travel, you can find reviews of sugarbabes in QLD, WA and SA and even across Europe, the USA and Asia. Our knowledge is transferrable across countries and cultures because much of what we focus on in here is how to help you be a more effective SugarDaddy.

If you are browsing Seeking.com or SugarDaddymeet.com or SecretBenefits / Millionaire Love / OurSecret / Sugardaddy.com and wondering how you can succeed amongst the competition for these gorgeous women, then there's no better place to start than by joining the TNT Sugarbabe Forums.

If you are not on the inside there is a good chance you are losing time, energy and money instead of benefitting from our tightly knit, supportive and sharing team of members.

Membership features

All active SB members and subscribers have access to Level 1, which includes
  • unlimited PM's
  • The Sugarbabe Highlights Forum
  • The Sugarbabe Discussion Forum
  • The Sugarbabe Intel Forum
Members that graduate from the Level 1 with a sex meet (review) then have access to reading and contributing to thousands of other sex meets with individual Sugarbabes that our members have submitted.


Level 1 - SB Intel Forum, Highlights Forum, Discussion Forum

Intel posts are summaries of conversations with SBs that provide enough information about her expectations, boundaries and financial negotiations to date. They can be as a result of in person meets or discussions over a messaging app.

Level 2 - Level 1 + SB Verified forum
The SB Verified forum contains reviews about protected sex meets with SB's. It is free to enter when you submit a revew and a number of other intel reviews, and new members must serve a waiting period before gaining access.

Level 3 - Level 1+ 2 + SB BB forum
The SB Verified forum is a niche forum containing reviews about unprotected sex meets with SB's for those who seek this as a preference. To gain access, it carries a subscription fee and you must also submit a revew and a number of other intel reviews. Due to the nature of the content, there is no day 0 access to this forum. If you do not have the patience for that, we politely suggest that you move on to another site.

You can also join the brothel / escort / massage review forums.


Members have different access levels which are available to all TNT members upon qualification.

Each member's access level is indicated beneath their name in a colored label.
  • Subscriber: Access to:
    • SB Intel Forum
    • SB Discussion Forums
    • SB Highlights Forum
  • Active Member: Access to:
    • SB Intel Forum
    • SB Discussion Forums
    • SB Highlights Forum
  • SB Verified: Access to:
    • SB Verified forum
    • SB Intel Forum
    • SB Discussion Forums
    • SB Highlights Forum
  • SB BB:Access to:
    • SB BB forum
    • SB Verified forum
    • SB Intel Forum
    • SB Discussion Forums
    • SB Highlights Forum
  • Library Card: Members have attained access to the TNT Library either by posting the required number of reviews or purchasing a subscription, and use of full feature set of TNT Enhanced Search.
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Regardless of your home city, the value in the forum is not just helping you find Sugarbabes who are looking for the same thing as you, it's the learnings from how our members are able to attract them that is a real point of difference.

Handing you a profile name from a Sugarbabe platform and saying "she was good fun" tells you nothing about how to connect with her and get her to pick you out of the crowd. Some member forums have attempted this in the past, but most have failed through a lack of quality content and a membership group dedicated to the art of Sugarbabe dating.

Scammers and time-waster register

The TNT Sugarbabe Scammers/Time-wasters register is maintained in real time by our members to identify the profiles on Seeking / SDM who will try to scam you, or waste your time. There are more than 700 identified scammers / time wasters that you can easily bypass if you are in the know.

Sugarbabe Discussion Forum

In the Sugarbabe Discussion Forum there are over 300 useful discussion topics - from the best hotels/short stay apartments to use in different cities, to wine bars and restaurants that don't break the bank but have the discretion and wow factor, to tactics on how to manage finances, emotions, privacy, travel, long form arrangements and many others.

Sugarbabe Library

Our easy to use search functionality helps you track and trace everything there is to know about an individual Sugarbabe from the perspective of different members. Our "Will I return" rating graphs give you a sense of whether your time and money is well invested.

Maintaining privacy

Maintaining your and your Sugarbabe's privacy is a primary concern to us. We have strict rules of access and membership retention to ensure that the forum remains sealed off from prying eyes and your/her privacy is protected. You should read about the information that is not permitted on here if you are concerned about how we deal with this.
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