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Welcome to Australias's biggest worker review site.

Brothel / Escort / Massage general forum membership

Options you have to enter the forum to read and write reviews.

Submit 2 reviews to join TNT at no cost:
Submit 1 review to join TNT, account reactivation fee applies
If you cannot submit 1 or 2 reviews, a subscription is available:
  • Contact @trenchy or @Waterboy for subscription options of $100 for 5 months access.
Optional BBFS forum
  • BBFS forum subscription is also avalable to general forum members after you join TNT with either reviews or subscription.

  • You can extend your membership time by posting a new review that complies with the review acceptance criteria.
  • Major membership incentives for consistent reviewers are in place such as gaining access to restricted forums or becoming a Senior or Alpha member, which you can read about inside the forum.

Review acceptance criteria

  • The review must be original and exclusive to TNT.
  • The reviewed session must have occured within the past 60 days.
  • Reviews of private operators must be accompanied by an ad that demonstrates that they are currently working and where.
  • TS reviews are accepted.
These reviews will not be accepted
  • Bait and Switch reviews, including all Ally Thomas and Butterfly agency sessions
  • Reviews of Unknown ladies or ladies without names not accepted as join reviews
  • Misogynistic content. What can be said about working ladies?
  • Re-written and/or copy and pasted from elsewhere.
  • Reviews of sessions that occurred outside of Australia (only for joining).
  • Reviews that have been generated by AI
  • Reviews that have been machine translated from another language
  • Reviews of ladies no longer working and you don't know where they are now
Reviews of these providers will not be accepted in exchange for free membership

Hundreds of reviews have already been submitted on the following providers, therefore we no longer accept reviews of them in exchange for free membership.

  • Annie - Springvale - 0423321286
  • Candice - Box Hill, Mill Park, Southbank - 0402804310
  • Dyson Ally - Melbourne CBD - 0416513514
  • Cristal Hotbabe - 0488181808
  • Michelle Ryder - 0401787572
  • Coco - Carnegie - 0449765197
  • Crystal - Springvale - 0401347380
  • Veronica - Prahran - 0413309683
  • Kayla, aka Eva - West Melbourne - 0411816789
  • Rachel - St Kilda East - 0493060216
  • Elise - Brunswick - 0413496760
  • Rachel - Docklands - 0402333413
  • Sol/Saule - Prahran - 0493795330
  • Krystal - Boronia - 0404848503
  • Tanya - Melbourne CBD - 0423236459
If you are after a good punt without worrying about whether you can review it, all of the above will deliver what they advertise for the right price and to a consistently high standard, most are in our Highly Rated section on this basis. If they are working, you can often find their ads in the usual places.
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