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Welcome to Australias's biggest sex worker review site.

If you can submit a review:

If you cannot submit a review:
  • TNT Membership is timed, it lasts 3 months from your most recent qualifying review. You can extend your membership time by posting new review content that complies with the review acceptance criteria.
  • You must follow site rules. Membership can be revoked. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of Membership.
  • Major membership incentives for consistent reviewers are in place such as gaining access to restricted forums or becoming a Senior or Alpha member, which you can read about inside the forum.
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Review acceptance criteria

  • The review must be original and exclusive to TNT.
  • The punt must have occured within the past 60 days.
  • Reviews of private operators must be accompanied by an ad that demonstrates that they are currently working and where.
  • TS reviews are accepted.
These reviews will not be accepted
  • Bait and Switch reviews, including all Ally Thomas and Butterfly agency sessions
  • Reviews of Unknown ladies or ladies without names not accepted as join reviews
  • Misogynistic content. What can be said about working ladies?
  • Re-written and/or copy and pasted from elsewhere.
  • Reviews of punts that occurred outside of Australia (only for joining).
  • Reviews that have been generated by AI
  • Reviews that have been machine translated from another language
  • Reviews of ladies no longer working and you don't know where they are now
  • International reviews incur a higher account activation fee but are fine for existing members.
  • VPN users may be required to pay a higher account activation fee irrespective of the review content.
Account Activation Fee FAQ
The funds from this fee are reinvested into the site, for example we just doubled our annual hosting fees by upgrading to better/faster gear, and we pay staff who do the work to maintain the high level of quality that can be found inside.

Q. Is it worth it ?

A. TNT is an investment in your punting that steers you in the right direction and tells you who and what to avoid. Our current members love it here, and all those bullet points on the front page are true and our positive feedback is immense.

That being said, its a token amount, a small fraction of any spend you will make on your next session and it's specifically designed to raise the quality of our membership base.

Q. How much would I have to pay?

A. For the majority of users, the account activation fee is $AU20.00.

There are some exceptions that will incur a higher activation fee
  • VPN Users: If you are using one you would know why.
  • International users: TNT is primarily Australian, therefore international reviews are niche rather than mainstream here.
Q. How do I pay?

A. Contact @trenchy or @Waterboy for direct deposit or discrete payment options.


For fast automated Credit Card and Bitcoin payment gateway without a review. Fast Automated Access Subscriptions Gateway

Q. Does paying the activation fee guarantee me access?

A. Membership to TNT is granted upon meeting the relevant criteria, it can also be revoked for bad behaviour. No refunds. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Q. Do I need to submit a review if I pay the activation fee?

A. Yes.


There are subscription options available if you do not have a review to submit. The activation fee is not relevant in that situation.

For fast automated Credit Card and Bitcoin payment gateway without a review. Fast Automated Access Subscriptions Gateway

Q. Can I subscribe to just the BBFS forum?

A. No. The BBFS subscription requires that you also hold membership for or subscribe to the TNT general forums (brothel, escort, massage).

Q. Why don't you accept bait and switch reviews? (what even is a bait and switch review?)

A. Bait and Switch is a practise where what is offered in the ad is not what you find when you turn up for your punt. For example the ad promises you a great time with a hot 21 year old latina, and when you get there there is a 50+ year old asian lady hiding behind the door.

We don't accept them because it doesn't matter what you write, someone else is going to be there the next day. Your review has no value to other members other than a binary "yes/no" for bait and switch, whereas you are getting to read a lot of other members' far more useful and relevant intel. That falls outside of our perception of fairness.
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Informal stuff

TNT is a privately owned, actively moderated forum. To be fully transparent and very clear on what that means, you're expected to be polite and respectful in your posts.

We are here to facilitate the sharing of information. If you are on board with that and willing to make a bit of effort, you'll be fine. We want members to gain value from the site both in what they read and what they contribute. We want to grow the site, which means we will not be doing pointless ego trips which tend to shrink sites.

Generally speaking, we may ask you do something that keeps the forum consistent, and we expect you to simply do it, not ignore the request and keep on reading. For example, our automated systems require the review titles to be done in a certain way. We have provided a tool to help with this, but sometimes members don't get them right. We won't fix them for you, but we will teach you how to fish - that means if we ask you to fix it, we expect you to make the effort to do it. That applies with any situation that can be considered inactivity by you makes more work for us.

Same goes if other members ask you questions on your reviews. We expect you to answer them or at least acknowledge and not ignore them. You get to read other's reviews, so it is only polite. If you are that impolite guy who posts minimal detail then ignores any request for clarification, then you don't fit here. If you are here for the right reasons, this policy in particular should give you an insight into how we view life and resonate positively.

Formal stuff

Members (including subscribers) must follow our primary site rules:
  1. Content exclusivity:
    • Don't post intel and/or reviews anywhere else on the internet if you want to read the reviews on TNT.
    • Your reviews on TNT should always be original and exclusive, not copy and pasted or re-written from or to elsewhere.
  2. Don't mention TNT to working ladies or sugarbabes. Don't show them anything in the forum.
  3. Your experiences may vary from other punters.
  4. Do not tack on, share your own experiences by reviewing.
Membership (including subscriptions) can be revoked at any time and without refund:
  • for violation of the above site rules.
  • for trolling or other disruptive antisocial behavior. We don't tolerate it here. We run a tight ship and expect members to treat each other and behave with dignity.
  • if we believe that you are not a genuine punter.
  • if we have previously withdrawn your access.
  • for any other reason we deem necessary. If you are here to read reviews and research for your next good punt and are willing to follow the above rules, you will be fine. If you are here for other reasons, this clause is especially for you, and you should not subscribe.

Shoot straight with us and we will shoot straight with you.
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