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TNT Special Edition - value, discretion, and access to the Sugarbabe Intel forums

TNT is offering this exclusive edition to new TNT members at a discounted price of $60.

This is less than what you would pay for a single month subscription to a Sugarbabe platform and could save you 40 - 50x the price of worthless experiences. The book has been professionally edited and is presented in downloadable format, to be discreetly read on your iPad, Kindle or other device.

This book is a great example of a member showing the initiative to convert talk into something tangible that will be invaluable to potential SD's and will give experienced SD's some additional perspectives.

The old way of spending days and weeks scouring forums and the net for fragments of information on how it all works, dropping a lot of cash on expensive blind punts etc can be mitigated with a single purchase of a trove of useful information, written by, contributed to and vetted by punters and professionally published in popular formats. Its a huge jump start to the process, well worth the purchase price.


From the author

Okay, so maybe Warren Buffett did not use these exact words, but when you boil it down, stock picking and Sugar Dating is really not that different: Thousands of hot prospects, limited funds in your wallet and imperfect information upon which to base your choices. To paraphrase Buffett, if I knew I only had 20 dates with hot women left in my life, I would want to make sure they were awesome experiences. I'd be careful where I spend my money and I would spend more time getting it right.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you think about punting Sugarbabes. You read the news articles - hot women and millionaires swapping sex for cash, cars and fantasy islands. It sounds like it's out of reach from you and me? Well I felt this way at the start and the reality is very different. Even if you think you can afford it, it sounds like it's hard work? Wading through thousands of profiles, sorting out fakes from the real deal, going from online chat to sex, negotiating with women and protecting your identity. You could throw up any number of it’s-too-hard red flags to help you walk away, which is exactly why there are more than four women to every man on the Sugarbabe platforms. It's for this reason that you should seriously think about whether you are missing out.

If you are prepared to put aside what you think you know and take the time to invest in how you could be successful at the Sugar game, then the odds are overwhelmingly stacked in your favour. Written in Melbourne, the Sugarbabe punting capital of the world, with contributions from successful SugarDaddies and experienced SugarBabes, The Smoking Guide to SugarBabe Dating is an eBook filled with over 150 pages of practical advice to make the game easy for you.

Actual quotes from the Sugar Daddies interviewed in this book -

“The sugar dating world is probably big enough that there is someone for everyone, particularly with cash as the sweetener so don’t let that inner introvert, beer belly or pleasantly ugly face of yours dissuade you!”

“I would say to anyone who is a bit jaded with the transactional side of brothels and escorting, you should definitely give this a try.”

“For me, the biggest benefit is that in most cases she has to be interested in you, or at least think she is going to be able to pretend to be. Remember that a sugar baby can choose who she wants to see, whereas an escort will generally have to cop whoever walks through the door.”

“Most SBs I’ve seen are not clock watchers. They will spend 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours with you. Most escorts would gawk at a 5 hour booking unless they are higher end, and then in that case you’re forking out thousands of dollars”

“I can go and play out all my fantasies (sexual and others) for 2, 3, or 4 hours, which is separate to my private personal life. For example, I can go and have a GFE experience for a period of time without having to deal with all the baggage that comes with having an actual girlfriend.”

“I married in my early twenties and my sex life has been pretty non-existent for years, as has any kind of emotional intimacy. I have a constant nagging feeling of having missed out - the SB scene is the perfect answer at my age. Sometimes I almost have to pinch myself when I'm in a hotel room with a stunning, naked young woman that seems to genuinely enjoy my company, both sexually and as a person.”

Why should I buy this book?

Quite simply, if you can afford to spend $100 - $150 an hour, and you are looking for an exciting girlfriend experience without attachment or clock watching, then Sugarbabe punting could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Age and looks are not barriers - I’ve seen SugarDaddies as young as 25 and as old as 70 be successful in this game. Why can’t you be next?

When I started Sugar dating two years ago, I made a lot of mistakes and spent thousands of actual dollars on some terrible experiences. There were no resources to help me get it right from the start and so I had to learn the hard way. You can skip straight past this, learn from my mistakes and avoid losing your hard earned cash. Most Sugarbabe dates will set you back $300 - $600, which is significant money in after tax dollars if you are not spending it wisely.

I’ve logged thousands of hours talking to Sugarbabes online, dating them in person, interviewing them and other SugarDaddies and refining an approach that anyone can put to use. It’s all laid out for you in this eBook and I guarantee it will save you precious time and money.

Can I get a peek inside?

Yes - a sample of the opening pages, table of contents and introduction is available here in epub format.

How do I purchase it?

The book is available for purchase by TNT Members in the TNT Store.

The author receives the majority of the sale price of the book, while a portion goes to TNT to support the ongoing running of the site.

How do I read it?

The eBook is available in multiple formats, at a link provided to you on purchase from the store.

Kindle users - Kindle format is available in the TNT Store.

Mac / iPhone / iPad users - ePub version available in the TNT Store. Downloading it onto your Apple device will automatically open it into iBooks

Windows users - you can download any eReader available for free on the Web. Link to a review site showing you the pros and cons of different readers here

Free Windows epub reader: EPUB File Reader
Top 10 Sugar Cities in Australia , someone for everyone , join the truth today.

1. Melbourne: 20,547 sugar daddies / 84,797 sugar babies

2. Sydney: 19,086 sugar daddies / 69,745 sugar babies

3. Brisbane: 6,312 sugar daddies / 32,454 sugar babies

4. Perth: 6,913 sugar daddies / 26,371 sugar babies

5. Adelaide: 4,527 sugar daddies / 16,779 sugar babies

6. Gold Coast: 3,099 sugar daddies / 15,794 sugar babies

7. Newcastle: 1,306 sugar daddies / 5,596 sugar babies

8. Canberra: 2,287 sugar daddies / 5,939 sugar babies

9. Wollongong: 572 sugar daddies / 2,195 sugar babies

10. Townsville: 303 sugar daddies / 1,043 sugar babies
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