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Some unsolicited feedback from our members....

Better Punting Outcomes

"Thanks TNT has been awesome! My goodpunting % has gone through the roof since joining this site, cheers."

"I remember when I joined, totally unsure of what I was getting into. The intel supplied on here has been of great assistance in selecting who to see/avoid and has been a great resource. I look forward everyday to reading the adventures of those who post, have found it quite entertaining and provided a number of laughs along the way. Isn't that is what life is about - having fun :)"

"if not for tnt I would have wasted quite a lot of my hard earned on dud punts."

"Armed with all this info surely provides punters a better chance at a good outcome. "

"The benefits are reaped by all. My punting has been so good and only gets better."

"after seeing some pretty good reviews. (TNT just keeps on giving) "

"I had to cut to the chase and not fuck around with 55 mins of crappy oil distribution and a $100 for 5 minutes nude HJ. Thank God for TNT."

"Overall, she is definately a good young fuck. Happy these forums exist otherwise I wouldn't have attempted her :) "

"My punting frequency has definitely lifted. I used to go maybe 2-3 times a year but the results would be more miss than hit. Now that I can target my punts a lot better with the intel gained from here then i’m getting better value for money so feel I can punt more. Also reading the reviews from the more experienced punters here has meant I have been able to lift my game with dictating what happens in the session. "

"I sure am getting value for money with the Kamagra, and the great resources of TNT members"

"The BB forum and exchanging notes with members on how they approach it, manage their sexual health etc helped me then feel comfortable enough for BBFS with a SB and now most of my SB punts are going to come in BB."

" Felt the urge (again!) so started browsing local opportunities on Locanto. I came across V------, whom I then researched on this terrific resource. A definite mixed bag from previous reviewers regarding customer satisfaction but not enough negative to dissuade me to take the punt. "

"after joining TNT and getting all those intels my punting life has become very awesome, and very happy to become a verified member recently as well"

Our Community

"You have all been very supportive in many ways, and of course the sheer time and resources committed by the moderators is legendary, and makes this clearly a site that is head and shoulders (is that setting the sights too high?) above all others."

"I'm just new to this online thing and I was finding this shared information stuff quiet useful, i was trying other forums but this is the one, the other ones don't compare to be honest. Here seems like a good community"

"I must say that TNT has been fantastic for info and always enjoyable to read! "

"This already feels like a better place!"

" I have to say you guys did a great job to create this forum. it is better than Australian XXX review and a few others. That's all, Have a nice day. "

"I love this forum and the work you guys do. It is professionally run, tight, and if everyone follows the rules it works great. Keep up the good work."

"Why would you do anything to risk access to this site? It’s gold! "

"What a great first year on TNT, thanks!!"

"I would pay a $1000 per year subscription for this site."

"The wonderful resources of TNT are going to send me broke."

"I recently looked at a competitor site for comparison purposes and was disappointed by the attitudes and poor behaviour on display by many of the individuals. I think I may have found the place where all of the dickheads that go punting like to congregate. I’m feel fortunate that I found TNT first."

"Changed my life this forum did. And I don’t say that lightly. When I joined, I was in a sexless relationship and had not had an intimate moment with a woman in five years. My eyes were opened, firstly to the RnT world, then Privates, to Brothels and eventually sugar babies "

"Love reading and utilising the brilliant forum we are privileged to be a part of, TNT, using its wonderful resources to discover girls and gems we otherwise would never have known even existed. "

"Just wanted to say thanks to you forum champions for creating this and working hard at the community building. It makes me want to keep punting and sharing more to help out fellow punters! Good job."

"The one factor that has constantly helped my punting choices though, is the great resource that is TNT! Without this terrific forum I’d definitely be paying more and getting less .... more often."

"I’ve not been using TNT for long but this forum is bloody wonderful."

"There are several good WL's at different brothels and at most of them you will at least get your allotted time though very little more. The highly rated section does help find the better ones."

"this is one of the many examples i love about this forum community. keep up the good work!"

"I won't be posting on other forums. This is by far and away a much better forum and you guys manage it really well."

"I booked in a 30min session which I always find leaves me feeling less bummed out if the experience turns out to be a dud (as was often the case pre discovering the amazing resource that TNT provides which generally allows one to avoid disappointing sessions).

Our Technology

"A quick scan of the Library says when she is Tina she is $400 an hour and when she is Maya she is $300 an hour. "

"Having my head stuck in the TNT Library for a quick scan 2 minutes before walking in, i had a pretty good lay of the land of what the go is here. The Library is gold as you don't have to read the reviews, a 2 minute scan before you walk into any new place to you, should have you walking and talking like a 20 punt veteran of the place."

"So this time I patiently waited for the entire lineup. After each girl walked in I would cross reference with the library to see what kind of service I would be getting. There were maybe 6 girls on. Fifi was in a booking but the Library revealed she would probably be the best one so I waited another 20 minutes to meet her. "

"Love the Librarian! I pretty much live in the library before a new punt and when I’m browsing combinations. All my best brothel punts have been through finding a location that gives consistent service, which I get through the library search functionality and the PE search functionality."

"The library feature is unique to this forum. Makes zeroing in on the right WL so much easier."

"It’s a really good feature. I have looked at a few other forums and none of them have this. It adds to the distinct selling point of TnT. So appreciate your work mate. Thank you."

"Love your work WB! This is truely a great service you’re giving with these summaries - they make TNT membership absolute gold. "

"I have used the library a bit lately actually. Awesome feature I have to say. "

"So I used my library card to research this girl and could see she was all over the place in her pricing, and her sense of adventure seems to be declining too with only one BBBJ a good year back reported."

"The benefits of the library are clear."

"I was blown away by the quality of info in the library!! Good job!"

"If only I had such good software for my music collection. The indexing system is really impressive."

"I used the library a lot before I came back to Melbourne, trying to suss out where to go. It’s how I hit on seeing Jojo..."

"I actually found this place via the TNT library a little while back but never had the chance to check it out until recently. "

"As I was leaving I bumped into a second girl who turned out to be Erica, after reading Erica's library page I realised I had completely bombed out in my session here with Amy."

"Saw the lists at Rainbow Dolls, but good intel from librarian advised to bail and make the drive elsewhere. "

"Having perused their Locanto ad many times, I’ve always been somewhat taken by "Cathy". A quick check of the amazing TNT library ? confirmed she’d most likely be a good choice"

"She again whispered to me saying she does not usually do this, which is not the truth according to TNT Librarian."

"So popped into this spot in the CBD near work that I had not seen before. The TNT Librarian was very handy in helping me select this one over a few of its neighbours. "

"Mamasan let me in after a few moments but said that all the girls were busy and got me to sit down and wait for "5 minutes" for Monica who would be available shortly. 5 minutes in mamasan time is rarely 5 minutes of real time but i was in no rush so sat down and took the opportunity to check the TNT Library and read Monica's reviews so i could be well prepared for the punt ahead. "

"The TNT Library is an incredibly valuable resource not only to be selective with bookings but also if given a few minutes waiting during a walk-in punt. It helps keep expectations to a reasonable level. "

"I just had a look in the Library. I'll try the other items on the menu next time ?"

"but I have to say though the librarian is frkn awesome!!"

"Ok, had a play with this and its absolutely amazing, now so much easier to search! Thank you guys"

"Amazing new feature. Just spent a few minutes going over some reviews and have instantly created a great "black book" for myself - real easy and quick access. Love it!"

"The Library is indispensable. I would go nuts without it."

"It's the first thing i go to when i'm out and about punting."

"Kitty is well reviewed here. Lucky I check in with Librarian during the intros for her stats, otherwise I wouldn't have known!"

"I had time to kill between job sites so i looked up the trusty TnT Library to see what was available en route. Found a few favourable reviews for this place,"

"TNT library indexing is amazing!"
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