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Some unsolicited feedback from our members....

An example of what TNT is like inside the forum.

Better Punting Outcomes

"If it wasn't for this forum none of this would have happened."

"After dropping someone at the airport, checked the TNT Library for some suggestions, and picked out this place. Looks & feels like a traditional Thai shop and if I hadn't read about naughty activities on TNT, probably wouldn't have suspected."

"I asked her name and she said 'Coco', bang, the TNT intel from the Librarian all came flooding back."

"Booked a few hours in advance and went with Mary as she had a few BBBJ tags which is what I was after."

“I have said it before and I will say it again. Thanks to TNT members reviews I have had one of the best punts ever!”

"This was one of those punts where I walked away feeling a million bucks. All about chemistry I guess. I read the other review posted today and it’s spot on. To be honest, without the two prior reviews here I would not have booked. They’re what gave me the confidence."

"Best experience ever, thank you TNT :) "

"Thank you to last reviewers of Sara as it gave me the confidence to choose her and knew exactly what I was getting into it. This sites info is so valuable."

"Just wanted to make a small contribution to the forum that has provided me with so much intel."

“Was thinking of making a booking. Thanks man you just saved me $600.”

"The intel on this forum is magnificent."

“This forum is incredibly valuable in separating the real SBs from the sex workers.”

“Thanks again fellas - having a great time post lockdown drought thanks to your excellent work in managing this resource.”

"I'm an idiot for not checking the forums. Turns out she's been reviewed twice, and I could have avoided this bait and switch had I took 2 minutes to search her up LOL lesson learned!"

"What a ripoff, I only saw this ad and a similar one last week on L and thought about giving it a shot. Ads look very inviting and professional. Im glad I found this site first!"

"This review underscores the value in obtaining TNT Verified plus status. Just terrific intelligence for us all."

"Thanks TNT has been awesome! My goodpunting % has gone through the roof since joining this site, cheers."

"I remember when I joined, totally unsure of what I was getting into. The intel supplied on here has been of great assistance in selecting who to see/avoid and has been a great resource. I look forward everyday to reading the adventures of those who post, have found it quite entertaining and provided a number of laughs along the way. Isn't that is what life is about - having fun :)"

"if not for tnt I would have wasted quite a lot of my hard earned on dud punts."

"Armed with all this info surely provides punters a better chance at a good outcome. "

"The benefits are reaped by all. My punting has been so good and only gets better."

"after seeing some pretty good reviews. (TNT just keeps on giving) "

"I had to cut to the chase and not fuck around with 55 mins of crappy oil distribution and a $100 for 5 minutes nude HJ. Thank God for TNT."

"Overall, she is definately a good young fuck. Happy these forums exist otherwise I wouldn't have attempted her :) "

"My punting frequency has definitely lifted. I used to go maybe 2-3 times a year but the results would be more miss than hit. Now that I can target my punts a lot better with the intel gained from here then i’m getting better value for money so feel I can punt more. Also reading the reviews from the more experienced punters here has meant I have been able to lift my game with dictating what happens in the session. "

"I sure am getting value for money with the Kamagra, and the great resources of TNT members"

"The BB forum and exchanging notes with members on how they approach it, manage their sexual health etc helped me then feel comfortable enough for BBFS with a SB and now most of my SB punts are going to come in BB."

" Felt the urge (again!) so started browsing local opportunities on Locanto. I came across V------, whom I then researched on this terrific resource. A definite mixed bag from previous reviewers regarding customer satisfaction but not enough negative to dissuade me to take the punt. "

"after joining TNT and getting all those intels my punting life has become very awesome, and very happy to become a verified member recently as well"

"Thanks for TOFTT mate. I had that strong strong yearning to see the lady but covid movements didnt make that happen so far. Looks like you suffered the session but you saved me ? "

Our Community

"I didn’t expect such quick responses. You guys are amazing."

"You have all been very supportive in many ways, and of course the sheer time and resources committed by the moderators is legendary, and makes this clearly a site that is head and shoulders (is that setting the sights too high?) above all others."

"I'm just new to this online thing and I was finding this shared information stuff quiet useful, i was trying other forums but this is the one, the other ones don't compare to be honest. Here seems like a good community"

"I must say that TNT has been fantastic for info and always enjoyable to read! "

"This already feels like a better place!"

" I have to say you guys did a great job to create this forum. it is better than Australian XXX review and a few others. That's all, Have a nice day. "

"I love this forum and the work you guys do. It is professionally run, tight, and if everyone follows the rules it works great. Keep up the good work."

"Why would you do anything to risk access to this site? It’s gold! "

"What a great first year on TNT, thanks!!"

"I would pay a $1000 per year subscription for this site."

"The wonderful resources of TNT are going to send me broke."

"I recently looked at a competitor site for comparison purposes and was disappointed by the attitudes and poor behaviour on display by many of the individuals. I think I may have found the place where all of the dickheads that go punting like to congregate. I’m feel fortunate that I found TNT first."

"Changed my life this forum did. And I don’t say that lightly. When I joined, I was in a sexless relationship and had not had an intimate moment with a woman in five years. My eyes were opened, firstly to the RnT world, then Privates, to Brothels and eventually sugar babies "

"Love reading and utilising the brilliant forum we are privileged to be a part of, TNT, using its wonderful resources to discover girls and gems we otherwise would never have known even existed. "

"Just wanted to say thanks to you forum champions for creating this and working hard at the community building. It makes me want to keep punting and sharing more to help out fellow punters! Good job."

"The one factor that has constantly helped my punting choices though, is the great resource that is TNT! Without this terrific forum I’d definitely be paying more and getting less .... more often."

"I’ve not been using TNT for long but this forum is bloody wonderful."

"There are several good WL's at different brothels and at most of them you will at least get your allotted time though very little more. The highly rated section does help find the better ones."

"this is one of the many examples i love about this forum community. keep up the good work!"

"I won't be posting on other forums. This is by far and away a much better forum and you guys manage it really well."

"I booked in a 30min session which I always find leaves me feeling less bummed out if the experience turns out to be a dud (as was often the case pre discovering the amazing resource that TNT provides which generally allows one to avoid disappointing sessions).

Our Technology

"A window of punting opportunity unexpectedly opened. Did a big ring around. Finally this place answered, telling me one girl available; Kate. Quick library check. Yep she’ll do nicely. Lock in Kate."

"I was a tiny bit concerned so I clicked on her library profile. I am OK now that I see she doesn't offer bbfs to every Tom, Dick & Harry."

"Onto to TNT and used the search function to discover a Thai massage shop less than 50 meters away with some well reviewed Thai girls."

"Checked on TNT library to see what was around as not familiar with the area (ps what a great resource!)"

"I’d been to the place just up the road a few times before, but they specialise in milfy types, and this shop according to my TNT Library scan, seemed to generally run a bit younger and cuter. (Where would we be without the gorgeous and efficient TNT librarian ?)"

"Dropped in for the final punt of the year. Line up was pretty weak, but mamasan insisted I stay and wait for two girls. The names rang a bell so a quick jump onto TNT Library during the 5min wait and I had all the intel I needed."

“To who ever developed the library cards module, it is fantastic. And thank you very much.”

"Members have a lot of info there on the same page, with pics, tags, graph, previous reviews, aliases, different workplaces, guys shouldn’t be having bad punts."

“This site is great. Simple and easy to use interface. Easy to sort through buckets of reviews fast enough.”

"Awesome add-on to an already superpowered search engine. TNT Enhanced Search is like the "Google" for the Aussie punting underground."

"mate, the library is fucking sick! you guys have done an excellent job!"

"WOW! Just wanna say gents. The TNT library is so fucking good it’s scary! ? Brilliant work."

"The library is invaluable for someone like me who doesn’t get to town often and really does have to take a punt when visiting a shop."

"I’ve briefly skimmed reviews of this girl and the summary function that brings together working names / aliases is incredible. If I’d known of that before, I wouldn’t have booked her twice (stupidly) under different names."

"A lot of people don't realise how powerful the library is. I could go to a suburb i have never been to before and within 2 minutes work out what shop is best for my needs and the girls that i wouldn't mind seeing and i haven't even read 1 review. Doing that the old way through search takes a lot of time."

"The librarian is freakishly efficient."

"The library is an absolute punting goldmine!"

"Hello. I just checked the new dashboard. I love it!"

"Love your work on the Library concept , it is absolute gold and massive time saver."

"A quick scan of the Library says when she is Tina she is $400 an hour and when she is Maya she is $300 an hour. "

"Having my head stuck in the TNT Library for a quick scan 2 minutes before walking in, i had a pretty good lay of the land of what the go is here. The Library is gold as you don't have to read the reviews, a 2 minute scan before you walk into any new place to you, should have you walking and talking like a 20 punt veteran of the place."

"So this time I patiently waited for the entire lineup. After each girl walked in I would cross reference with the library to see what kind of service I would be getting. There were maybe 6 girls on. Fifi was in a booking but the Library revealed she would probably be the best one so I waited another 20 minutes to meet her. "

"Love the Librarian! I pretty much live in the library before a new punt and when I’m browsing combinations. All my best brothel punts have been through finding a location that gives consistent service, which I get through the library search functionality and the PE search functionality."

"The library feature is unique to this forum. Makes zeroing in on the right WL so much easier."

"It’s a really good feature. I have looked at a few other forums and none of them have this. It adds to the distinct selling point of TnT. So appreciate your work mate. Thank you."

"Love your work WB! This is truely a great service you’re giving with these summaries - they make TNT membership absolute gold. "

"I have used the library a bit lately actually. Awesome feature I have to say. "

"So I used my library card to research this girl and could see she was all over the place in her pricing, and her sense of adventure seems to be declining too with only one BBBJ a good year back reported."

"The benefits of the library are clear."

"I was blown away by the quality of info in the library!! Good job!"

"If only I had such good software for my music collection. The indexing system is really impressive."

"I used the library a lot before I came back to Melbourne, trying to suss out where to go. It’s how I hit on seeing Jojo..."

"I actually found this place via the TNT library a little while back but never had the chance to check it out until recently. "

"As I was leaving I bumped into a second girl who turned out to be Erica, after reading Erica's library page I realised I had completely bombed out in my session here with Amy."

"Saw the lists at Rainbow Dolls, but good intel from librarian advised to bail and make the drive elsewhere. "

"Having perused their Locanto ad many times, I’ve always been somewhat taken by "Cathy". A quick check of the amazing TNT library ? confirmed she’d most likely be a good choice"

"She again whispered to me saying she does not usually do this, which is not the truth according to TNT Librarian."

"So popped into this spot in the CBD near work that I had not seen before. The TNT Librarian was very handy in helping me select this one over a few of its neighbours. "

"Mamasan let me in after a few moments but said that all the girls were busy and got me to sit down and wait for "5 minutes" for Monica who would be available shortly. 5 minutes in mamasan time is rarely 5 minutes of real time but i was in no rush so sat down and took the opportunity to check the TNT Library and read Monica's reviews so i could be well prepared for the punt ahead. "

"The TNT Library is an incredibly valuable resource not only to be selective with bookings but also if given a few minutes waiting during a walk-in punt. It helps keep expectations to a reasonable level. "

"I just had a look in the Library. I'll try the other items on the menu next time ?"

"but I have to say though the librarian is frkn awesome!!"

"Ok, had a play with this and its absolutely amazing, now so much easier to search! Thank you guys"

"Amazing new feature. Just spent a few minutes going over some reviews and have instantly created a great "black book" for myself - real easy and quick access. Love it!"

"The Library is indispensable. I would go nuts without it."

"It's the first thing i go to when i'm out and about punting."

"Kitty is well reviewed here. Lucky I check in with Librarian during the intros for her stats, otherwise I wouldn't have known!"

"I had time to kill between job sites so i looked up the trusty TnT Library to see what was available en route. Found a few favourable reviews for this place,"

"TNT library indexing is amazing!"

"Great addition, TNT just keeps on getting better... Well done guys !"
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"I wish i joined this forum a long time ago. so much time i would have saved..."

November 2020

" Left the shop and checked out the online library, the TNT kind and found a little shop down the road around the corner "

"The library is an absolute punting goldmine!"

"A big thanks to the amazing work you guys are doing. The flood of reviews post opening of lockdown is testament to your efforts."

December 2020

"I have noticed the new library feature giving a precision of each establishment as well as nearby suggestions. Brilliant resource!!!"

"mate, the library is fucking sick! you guys have done an excellent job!"

"WOW! Just wanna say gents. The TNT library is so fucking good it’s scary! ? Brilliant work."

"The library is invaluable for someone like me who doesn’t get to town often and really does have to take a punt when visiting a shop."

"Got so much value out of TnT over the years. Kudos to you and the team for keeping everything running smoothly even with the COVID disruptions"
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January 2021

"This site is great. Simple and easy to use interface. Easy to sort through buckets of reviews fast enough."
" I've only just joined TNT and in the week prior spent meaningless nights patrolling brothels in search of a girl worthy of my hard earnt (I'm not that fussy I just want a certain type of girl from time to time). The end result, was about 3 consecutive nights with no result Anyway, I'm much happier that I can now plan and execute (thanks TNT). "
'After reading some great reviews especially recent ones I was keen to give the Yumi experience a try - she sounded like my type and I really enjoyed my time with her - thanks so much everyone for reviewing and for TNT for just being so great. After many disappointing experiences it is so great to be able to try something based on TNT intel and find a gem first try - amazing - thanks again for setting up and running TNT so well mods - top marks."
"Came across a review on xxxx this morning, and it instantly piqued my interest. The one photo of her that revealed her face from a side profile, reminded me of a certain Taiwanese celebrity (Christine Fan). Straight away delved into "research mode" using the almighty TNT Library.
"Thanks @Waterboy! Awesome add-on to an already superpowered search engine. TNT Enhanced Search is like the "Google" of the Aussie punting scene"
Member feedback on the current Bait and Switch Register upgrade:

"Nice touch gents. Don't have to go around digging the B&S register anymore. Smooth like butter. These seemingly small quality of life improvements make deciding on whether to punt or not that much easier (y) "
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Member feedback after being thanked for posting his 20th review in our BB forum:

"Thanks to mods who kept the forum well, and also all the contributors in this forum. My punting life has become more colourful with the intels here ???".
A new member posted this, this morning.

"Hello everyone, this site is amazing, I read the R&T for Melbourne and don't waste money on anymore 84 year old asian ladies with false advertisements."
"Following some TNT Intel that this chain was definitely worth a visit , and finding myself in Mildura, I hit up this massage place."

"Cross checked with TNT and she checked out to be worthwhile."

"Theres so much great intel on this site that leads to good quality punts and saves money in the long run."

"The names rang a bell so a quick jump onto TNT Library during the 5min wait and I had all the intel I needed. Tina peaks through the door and just says 'hi', so had to ask for her name and realised I was in luck when she answered. Booked her straight away."

"This shop according to my TNT Library scan, seemed to generally run a bit younger and cuter. (Where would we be without the gorgeous and efficient TNT librarian ?)"

"In the Camberwell/Burwood area with a bit of free time. Checked on TNT library to see what was around as not familiar with the area (ps what a great resource, thanks @Waterboy & mods !)."
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Feedback from a Sydney punter awarded with Senior Membership:

"I'm just happy to be part of this great forum and I get a lot out of it. Thanks very much for the senior membership nod."
February 2021

"Her graph also demonstrates the quality service she provides and no doubt it won't be long until I'm back there again!"

“I have said it before and I will say it again. Thanks to TNT members reviews I have had one of the best punts ever!”

"Ivy caught my eye and quick check on TnT (thanks Librarian and Library Card)"

"I walked past a doorway that happened to have a massage sign on it. I sat down on a seat close by and jumped straight into the Library (one of life's true treasures!) and had a bit of a look to see what kind of action to hope for."
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April 2021

"Had this venue bookmarked (another awesome TNT feature)"

"Thanks for the intel. I’d been planning to make contact but based on that probably won’t waste my time" (relating to a potential Sugarbabe)

"The Librarian comes in very handy in cases like these. My constant thanks and appreciation goes out to the guys who run and manage this system - what a work of art it is!"

"She would be making lots of $, good luck to her. The power of TNT perhaps"
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May 2021

"It fucking worked alright. I was thinking how I used to stumble around in the dark for years experiencing disappointing punt after disappointing punt before this forum stacked the cards in our favour."

"Before my discovering of this website I didn't understand the extent of bait and switch. This day I definitely understood."

Regarding the TNT Library favorites system: "Seriously amazing work by you! I just find out such a powerful tool so will play around more with it."

Response to a review on a pair of ripoff scammers on SA: "Dodged this one thanks to reviews ???"

"Thanks to TNT for providing good info on where to go and where to avoid and what to expect."

A comment from a new Verified forum member: "First review in this fancy new (to me) part of the forum. In fact, I only discovered this shop by gaining access to this section."

“Library Card holding is fantastic!”

"Been looking through the reviews of TNT now that I've discovered it's endless database of wisdom"

"TNT is easily the best punting platform & I am happy to contribute any information I can."
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June 2021

"As the lockdown been extended and don't really know where to get a release, I tried TNT Enhanced Search - Nearby Search Mode and see if there were any private houses near my location.

Found this private house place that haven't had any intel for awhile. "

"Sent xxxxxxx a text after reading all the positive reviews on TNT. Good looking girl. Nice chit chat on the way up stairs put me at ease right away. Apartment was clean, smelt great, lights were down and the music was relaxing. I was offered a shower and a drink. Did not feel rushed at all, great conversation. Clearly she was very comfortable too. When I came out of the bathroom she was in a bra and panties. Killer body."

Member feedback on The Smoking Guide to dating Sugarbabes: "Seriously this book is a must read for anyone wanting to dive into the SB world. You really did a great job putting out useful information and covering all bases."

"Awesome result for you with Enhanced Search. Jessica is not available so you can go to Nearby Search mode, enter Springvale + 5km + bbfs tag, straight away you get the good intel nearby. Simply not possible on any other forum"

"Appreciate all the work that goes in by moderators here , I’m a heavy user of the forum and it just keeps going from strength to strength."

"I would like to send my appreciation to the forum for helping me find such an experience."

"love the forum and wish i found it years ago!"

"Out of lockdown and having read so many reviews of this place, I had to try it out. Thanks to all the TNTers who provided great Intel - it really paid off for me."
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July 2021

“$1,200 for a blow job and a massage? The guy needs TNT.”

" She looked hot, in a sleek red dress which showed off her curves. I was glad I came here and even more grateful to TNT for picking out the gems."

" - managed to secure an apartment for a few hours for $100 organizing direct with them (thanks for the intel again TNT)."

"Thank you to everyone here at TNT who has reviewed her, can definitely see why she is considered to be 'highly rated'. I'm used to paying more than double for private girls on SB and I have never seen anyone ticks all my boxes (young, slim, nice boobs, beautiful, great personality, great BBBJ and sex) at this price point."

"Checking out the Highly Rated section (thanks TNT), I decided to try out X."

"Yeah that awful punt was completely my own stupidity at play here. Not the first time this forum has provided every opportunity to avoid this shit. Compare this shitshow with my time with "x" at half the price (also reviewed). If not for this forum I would never have known about "x", and that is priceless."
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August 2021

I would also like to congratulate you and other mods on the continuing improvements to the site. Keeping it tight & ad free is a testament to you guys and I hope this continues.

Feedback on The Smoking Guide to Dating Sugarbabes: "I have read the book completely from cover to cover before jumping into this. Very well written and lots of useful info. It really helped me to jumpstart and I was able to connect with some nice babes and also had my first date within 10 days. Highly recommend this to anyone who is entering this world…"

"I have read here of Lilly and I was not disappointed - it is so great to be able to have such a great, fun experience and not waste time, money or feel let down so thanks again all founders and contributors to TNT."

"Once again, membership to TNT2 has saved me some hard earned!"

"She was very convinced that booking a room won't be possible during lockdown but thanks to the valuable intel in TNT i found a place and made the booking."

"Saved myself a ton of time by cross-referencing crazies who reached out to me with the intel forum. Must be rough going for other guys without this forum"
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September 2021

I will say it again - the work staff do is very much appreciated by me and countless others. I'm not sure who came up with the Librarian idea, but what an absolute must-have for blokes like me who need to drive 4 hours for a decent wristy!

Hi mate, first of all, m extremely happy with my decision to buy the SB guide and also your kindness to grant access to the forum. It is by far the greatest Info and Intel to save time and effort. So, well done guys.

Thanks for you and the boys constant improvement and hard work behind the scenes. It’s appreciated.

After having read some of the forum discussions I now know this rate is high.

You guys are doing a fantastic job and thanks for all your time and efforts in keeping this site going.
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October 2021
I've tried many forums and there's just nothing like this one.

"Typed in a ladies mobile number to see if she had any other advertisements online to see more pictures of her, and you guys popped up. Greatest luck to stumble on this page ever.''

Funded by punters for punters: "Thanks a lot for an awesome forum. I'm getting good value so far, so wanted to donate to help you pay bills."

Feedback on The Smoking Guide to Dating Sugarbabes:
"Downloaded n is a very good read !"

"Many questions to other SDs, the smoking guide and the intel posts really helped and provided me a good base to set myself up for a great first sex meet with a SB."
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November 2021
"After months out of action, I needed to release some pent up tension and had to have a sure bet. Looked up the highly rated section of TNT and picked Ivy This review should confirm Ivy being in the highly rated register."

"My experience with Julia was sexy, unique and interesting. I heard about Julia through TNT. Thanks TNT."

""Wanted a proper massage with potential for few extras so had a look through some reviews and stumbled across Mia.""

"Thanks a lot for the great work you are doing! Feeling privileged to be part of the community."

""Great shop, great Intel from TNT posters and staff so thanks for that.""
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December 2021

"Had seen Jane earlier on year but had not received any extras and got the impression this place was legit. However after joining here I quickly saw it wasn’t which fired me up to see Jane again.''

""Reading through some of her reviews posted by the Librarian above, oh how important access to TNT is""

""Initially didn’t think she would be my type, but trusted the graphs on this site and glad that I did as XXX offered tremendous service, would definitely return.""

" With a great power, comes great responsibility ?. So now when I visit any suburb I just open this great forum and search what fun I have around me."

"moral of the story trust the reviews here not on locanto"
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January 2022

"This is the best site I have come across. I no longer look at other sites, just read reviews on TNT and go from there. It has more than paid off and rarely have a dud punt now. Good honest reviews from all the members. Keep up the great reviews. Well done."

"I have paid way more for less but not any more thanks to TNT reviews."

"I've just opened the library feature on a girl. Fuck me! That's gold."

"I'm gobsmacked. I've wasted a lot of money punting over nearly 20 years. With the TNT Librarian software, I reckon I'll get better bang for buck. Thanks for everything you've set up. I'll be actively contributing."

"❤️ my library card - thanks, guys!"

"Software just keeps getting better on the site."
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February 2022

"Your site looks WAAAAY more active."

"I joined the SB forum and SA less than a week ago. Purchased and read TSG’s e-book, which confirmed quite a lot of things I was thinking. I highly recommend the purchase, especially for a new SD, it helped me refine my strategy getting started."
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March 2022

“Props to TNT on the great work on the library. The search functionality is insane and I’m amazed at how far its come in the few years since I last used it.”

"Overall, a great session. Thanks to TNT for proving such a valuable input."

"Got to say, that there's been a huge amount of work on your end since I was last regularly on the site. Can't believe how good TNT is now."

"TNT has revolutionised my sex life, so big thanks to you guys. Plus a group of guys with no dickheads!"

"Had a very quick glance and there appears to be a shit load of info here!" (The Smoking Guide to dating Sugarbabes)

“I should have joined TNT years ago and saved myself wasted cash on some failed and shitty punting experiences.”
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April 2022

"More than a thousand reviews a month on TNT is absolutely awesome and mind blowing. Why on earth would you want to get your sex industry info and intel anywhere else!"

"The review title builder was really easy to use too. Great job guys."
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May 2022
"I think I was googling a working girls number to find some info and found your site that way. Got pretty excited about what I saw, reminded me of the good old days with a forum that used to be a great source of info."

"FWIW The way the reviews are organised is amazing - easy to search suburbs (I live South of Melbourne - and it always seemed light on action). I had not realised how popular xxxx is. Thank you both."

"Much kudos goes to The Smoking Gnu who's excellent e-book enabled me to make this whole experience happen with much less trial, effort and trouble that it would have been navigating it for myself."

About the new Review Title Builder feature: "This is awesome thanks for the ease of use so good well done lads it has demystified things at my end"

"Took the couch and thought I’d make use of the time. Got on TNT and read some reviews which saved me because I was leaning towards Erica. A couple of positive reviews for Rita made it an easy decision."

“I know about other sites and have browsed them in the past but I've never actively been a member with them. I find with TNT, since members are required to post their own reviews for access, there's incentive to provide content and the quality is by far the best.”

“Thanks for letting me into the group and I really appreciate what you guys are building here. The whole format really does prevent lurkers from not sharing their own experiences.”

"I would like to thank our TNT friends with amazing info on her to influence me to book for a PSE session. I was not disappointed and it turned out to be the best punts yet for me."
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June 2022

"So this my first punt since joining TNT. Attitude was total different thanks to this great site and detailed reviews. So good to head off to meet someone without that fear of bait and switch or "will she be any good" feeling."

"I do appreciate the time and effort you and others put into the site. It's invaluable for blokes like me who live a good distance from Melb and don't have easy access to ML services."
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July 2022
"Just thought I'd give some feedback about my Seeking adventures. After reading your ebook and some of the posts here, I signed up for a 3-month premium membership on Seeking. I'd tried before for 3 months with no success but thought I'd give it another go after being inspired by your ebook. I noticed an almost instant improvement on response rates. I wanted to say thanks for putting the book together and for having this forum. I wasn't really a believer, but now that I've actually met someone and had a date, I definitely am!"

"She is a great working lady, easy going, and provides an excellent service! Thanks to this amazing Forum and its members I have had another great punt!!!"
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August 2022

" This place has quite a lot of tools to make life simpler, good stuff. "

"Just had look around the forums last night and yeah great job this site is so well organised and informative.
Honestly surprised positively it even includes pics in reviews :)"

"In a good year I formed an opinion on 50 ladies by punting with them, I wasted most of that money, now being on TNT I form an opinion on 12,000 ladies a year and don't waste money anymore."
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September 2022

"Site's looking so active and bustling - it's brilliant. Nice to see the Sugarbabe forum doing so well too."

"Again though, this forum delivers and saves us the $$$! ???"

"Thanks staff and the rest of the community for making this a place that I get such good value from I actually want to contribute."

"I'm happy to be on such a supportive, informative, tightly ran forum."

"Thank you all for the hard work to make TNT perhaps one of the best, friendliest, most efficient, practical, and enjoyable forums I've been on in almost 30 years of using the internet."

"It has been amazing to see TNT grow over time although I am not surprised given its structure and intel."
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October 2022

"This forum is good in that we can also learn from mistakes & experiences of other punters. There's no need to waste your time and money when you have access to the resources on TNT."
November 2022

“Can’t afford to waste $$$s so would love to resume my TNT subscription. I believe TNT subscription is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to extracting most bang for punting bucks.”

"So today the forum saved me $500 by pointing me to one of the oldest scam artists going around Melbourne."

"You guys are awesome and extremely responsive."
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December 2022

"You guys have built a terrific forum here. I’m going punting crazy!"

"Excited to contribute to this community, can see lots of members putting in excellent reviews, thoughtful and superbly written."

"Thanks for doing this work. It's valuable to me and I appreciate it."

“Impressive site, a cut above every other review site I’ve seen.”

"Thanks for a great forum, interesting reading and great intel which is priceless"
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January 2023

"As the old adage goes, build it and they will come. Well, @trenchy, @Waterboy, @The Smoking Gnu, and the TNT team have built the premier review site and continue to improve it, and the punters have come … and come … and come!"

"TNT is great for gathering intel for our punting especially when time and funds are limited."

"All I can say, is without TNT I would never have found her, she is just down the road from me, so sub has paid for itself in my eyes."

"The forum has been a great resource for me and glad to have been able to contribute back!"

"It's been great watching TNT go from strength to strength not sitting on its laurels, always looking for improvements."

“TNT has provided me a lot of valuable information and has saved many ' dud punts ' (& hence wasted $) along the way.”

“I remember one Train-wreck workplace Database I suffered with for Years. I told the IT people I've seen a whole lot better. When they responded with " Yeah - where - show us " - I just said it's a Private Subscriber thing - can't !”

"First time back on the punt for a long time. My membership had expired, and let me warn everyone…. It makes punting bloody hard without it!!! Advice fellas, never let it lapse!"
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February 2023

"Hey man, just wanted to say, the site is great. I love the fact you combine the reviews and list them and give them a graphic. Amazing!"
March 2023

"The maps are amazing addition, thank you so much - this is the best library in the world and much prefer this than the dewey decimal system"

"I've wasted a LOT of money on punting and this feels a bit like I'm getting an unfair advantage with TNT."

"Was in Brisbane for business and had a bit of downtime. I've been hearing that the going rate for extras here is quite a premium so I just couldn't resist going for a punt to see if the quality is worth the prices. Did a quick search on the TNT forum and found this shop nearby to where I was staying. The shop seemed quite new and almost passed for a professional massage spa - if I hadn't found this place on TNT, I would've walked right on past thinking it was a legit professional shop."

"Absolutely loving what this forum is about. I was dubious at first but the obvious time, energy & ethos invested into it really shows."

"The site is great, you have got a good culture and more importantly the reviews are of a high standard."

"Loving this forum, you guys have done an epic job with the forum and community."
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June 2023

Quote from a BBFS subscriber yesterday.

"First of all I wanted to say that paying to see this BBFS forum is definitely worth the money. I was so excited being let in after payment cleared that I started researching which WL is very likely to offer BBFS without all the drama.
I was lucky that I was her second customer of the day. Took an early mark from work to try this girl. Wasn't disappointed at all by her looks, she looks like she'd be one of those cute maid café staff in Akihabara, Tokyo. "

"That's exactly the quality of Intel that I was hoping would be available."

"Thanks go to the TNT community. I don’t have the time or patience to trawl through Locanto, so the reviews here are very helpful."
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July 2023

"Booked Apple on the recommendation of this forum after a gym session had left me feeling worse for wear and ... thank you."
September 2023


"After reading several reviews of this place I decided to give it a try myself, and hopefully have the punting gods smile upon me with a great experience - thank you oh gods for bestowing me with a decent punt!"
October 2023


"And by the way TNT is looking very good with all the work you guys in admin have been doing .. well done to the team"
February 2024

"Must admit reading a couple of the Sydney reviews of the SYT, make me want to get on a plane to punt there.
I’ve done that once or twice before but that was before I found the gold mine that is TNT."
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