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Australia's largest forum by review numbers
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2 example reviews posted below for you to look at, one lengthy and one more concise.

An example of a review actually posted inside the forum, for those potential new members out there who are thinking of joining and who have never written or seen a review before.

The name of the lady has been changed and was/is available to members of the forum and the location/premises of where she works.

Google terms like DATY and BBBJ if you are not sure what they mean.

Ameri - Melbourne CBD - July 2016

Session Info:

Session: Day

Booking: 60 Mins

Did I extend? No

Provider Info:

English: Can Get By

Hair: Long

Hair in session: Flowing

Hair Colour: Black

Tatts: No

Looks: Attractive

Skin Colour: Pale

Body: Super Slim

Breasts: A - Natural Beauties

Twat Appearance: Unknown

Attire: Yukata, then tank top and denim shorts

Smoker: Not Sure

Service Info (fill in detail in addition to tags)



BJ Style: Mixed it up with variety

CIM: Rejected

DATY: No, Didn't try

Rimming on her: Didn't try

Rimmed by her: Didn't try

Sex: Didn't Try

Eye Contact: Good eye contact

Any Intanible X-Factor: Yes

Any Annoying Habits: No

Shower Fun: No

Friendly: Yes

Sexual Game Plan: Controlling

Would I Return: Yes

Session Description:

I decided to take a punt on the girl and made a one hour booking. Arrive and introduced to Ameri and at first I'm disappointed, her face is not that attractive initially and she's wearing a Yukata that makes her look a bit dumpy. Into the room and hand over $65 for the hour.

Undressing, she returns, assume the position and girding myself for another disappointment, not helped by her starting off by putting a towel over my bum and legs. The massage is fairly average, but we're able to have a bit of a chat, she's been here just over a year and has done her 3 months on a farm to get her working holiday out to two years, really likes Australia. I happen to glance up and hello, she's taken the off the top of the yukata and has it hanging below her waist. Underneath is a nice tight white tank top with spaghetti straps and some denim shorts evident underneath. Little tits but her body looks really good and my cock starts to pay a fair bit of attention (denim shorts again!).

Needless to say I'm much more interested in having a glance now and even getting some hands on when the opportunity presents itself. She's also good at having a few accidents, and some nice teasing when working on the upper thighs. About twenty minutes in she asks if I want extra, $30 for clothed HJ, $50 for nude). As she's getting undressed she asks to keep her panties on as it is "period time" which was initially a bit disappointing, I could feel a pad in there later though.

She starts off with some sensual strokes all over the body, gradually narrowing down to the groin area. I'm making my own exploration of her body, and she seems to really enjoy attention on her nipples. At some point in here she tells me she wants to make me horny (it's a bit of a blur) and then she's up on the table rubbing her leg on my cock with one nipple in my mouth and the other in my hand. It's about this time I asked her to put her hair down as well.

It's evident she really likes nipple play as when I move my hand away from the nipple not in my mouth she puts it back, then squeezes my fingers to show me she wants a stronger action. I do the same with my mouth as well to the point where I'm quite worried about how hard I'm going with both fingers and mouth, but the feedback from her is all good. At the same time she is rubbing her legs on my cock and sometimes squeezing it between her thighs. I'd really like to kiss her at this point, I make a few moves which are deftly avoided and them I'm told "no lips".

After a while of this she kisses her way back down my body and she's kneeling between my legs making eyes at my cock, somehow I work up the courage to ask about a blowjob, she says "thirty five" and I dumbly nod and say yes, don't tell her but she could probably have said "one hundred" at this point and I would have gone for it

I was half expecting her to get a condom but she dived straight onto my cock and took him about three quarters of the way down. She then did a very good varied blow job, lots of eye contact, licking, kissing, sucking, teasing, working with and without hands. I was able to sit up for a bit and play some more with her nipples as well. At some point she did make it clear she didn't want CIM. I warn her I'm close to coming and she switches to hand only and just stares at me, teasing me with how close her face is to my cock, it felt really good but she made sure she stayed out of the line of fire.

She cleans me up and gets dressed, pops out for some hot towels for the oil cleanup and gives me a good scrubdown. She was very keen for return business, and to make sure I ask for her, she gave me a good enough time I'd pick her if she was available. I hand over the $85 extra (so all up $150) and she sees me out the door and I'm off down the street with a good spring in my step.
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Australia's largest forum by review numbers
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Example review, more concise.

Name Jenny
Ethnicity Asian
Approximate Age Mid 30's
Appearance beautiful looks, petite body, C cups, long brown hair
Session cost and length $75 for 1h
Extras Cost $30
Would I return? Yes

Went into a new shop to try my luck as i had some shit punts recently. To my surprise got greeted with a friendly woman named Wendy. Escorted to room, got ready and lay face down and when she returns she starts dry massage. Asks if I want oil or not, and soft/med/hard. I chose medium. She also asked if i had been there before, i said yes and she smiled...

Once the massage starts within 10 seconds, i feel her hand slowly moving over the big fella. To my surprise this constantly happened every minute for the rest of the massage. (She definitely knew why I was there!)

Now onto the flip, after being fondled for about 40 mins, she asked if i wanted Hj. And asked what i had paid before. I said 30 and she said okay. Nice and she was in no rush with the job either.


Australia's largest forum by review numbers
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Seeking Arrangement and Sugarbabe reviews, now accepted as initial join up reviews.
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