Subscription offer FAQ's with link to fast automated payment options.

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An example of what TNT is like inside the forum.

"What can I subscribe to?"
  • General forum brothel, escort, brothel and massage review forums, lots of new reviews and discussion daily, contact @trenchy or @Waterboy for details.
  • NEW: Fast automated subscription access options and PayID below. Contact us for other options if they are not an option.
TNT offers you truck loads of reviews posted daily from around Aus.

Unique to Punting Forums, a world first from TNT.

The TNT Librarian is a robot with data matching algorithms in place, gathering and sorting reviews and bundling up information, which saves you valuable time searching and finds you better sessions.

Tag Cloud search, hone in on ladies that provide a service you want fast.

"When can I have access?"

Access is granted usually within 1 minute of us confirming payment. Discrete payment options are available, including Bitcoin. For bank transfers use PayID as it's immediate,

You are welcome to subscribe to the general forums using the below PayID. Put your forum username as the reference. We check our banking multiple times per day from 6.00am - 9.00 pm, we will then process you through into the general forums. If you want immediate action after paying, please send a message to @Waterboy or @trenchy about your payment.

$100 for 5 months of general forum access.

PayID name: youarewelcometosubscribe@gmail. com

Send a message to us for other payment options.

"Can I have it for longer or shorter?"

No, we are offering a 5 month subscription only, at a very affordable monthly rate, in fact less than the cost of a half hour session anywhere. We were in operation for 9 years before offering our first general forum subscription service, so far the subscribers say we have got it just right, with no complaints.

"What do I get ?"

The general forum subscription gets you into the general forums, which includes a large amount of fresh reviews posted daily on private escorts, brothel workers and massage venue workers.

Over 3000 reviews and growing will be posted over your subscription period, from $50 for 30 minute full service shops all the way up to $1500 an hour private escorts.

Plus discussion forums.

Plus access to TNT Librarian relevant stats on reviewed workers.

Plus access to daily updated bait and switch register so you don't get scammed.

Plus the popular Sugar Babe highlights section.

Plus the Highly Rated Private escorts/brothel workers and massage workers section.

Above all else, an investment in a general forum subscription will save you money, if you're thinking about having 1 session or multiple sessions over the next 5 months, that's a given.

Join hundreds of other happy subscribers.

"I am a working lady. Can I subscribe and read the reviews?"


This is a forum for punters run by punters with unbiased unconflicted reviews posted by punters.

"I own or work at a massage shop, brothel or agency. Can I subscribe and read the reviews?"


This is a forum for punters run by punters with unbiased unconflicted reviews posted by punters.

"Can I join the verified forums?"

Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements.

"Can I subscribe to the BBFS forums and the TS forums as well ?"

Yes, but you must be a member of the general forums first, you can send an enquiry to @Waterboy or @trenchy for additional details

"Can I subscribe to the Sugarbabe forums ?"

Yes, to the sugarbabe level 1 forums to get you started on your sugarbabe journey, you can send an enquiry to @The Smoking Gnu for additional details.

"I don't use Bitcoin, how else can I subscribe?"

The new fast automated access option requires payment by Bitcoin. If you don't use Bitcoin, contact @trenchy or @Waterboy for other payment options.
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Feedback from recent subscribers amongst the hundreds of happy subscribers

“Can’t afford to waste $$$s so would love to resume my TNT subscription. I believe TNT subscription is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to extracting most bang for punting bucks.”

"So today the forum saved me $500 by pointing me to one of the oldest scam artists going around Melbourne."

"All I can say, is without TNT I would never have found her, she is just down the road from me, so sub has paid for itself in my eyes."

Feedback 24/02/23

"Hey man, just wanted to say, the site is great. I love the fact you combine the reviews and list them and give them a graphic. Amazing!"
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