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"What can I subscribe to?"

Two subscription options are available:
  • general access level brothel, escort and massage review forums
  • entry level sugarbabe forums
"When can I have access?"

Access is granted usually within 5 minutes of us confirming payment.

"Can I please have free trial before I subscribe?"

No, we don't do free trials. Please respect our time by not asking for this.

"Can I have it for a better price?"

No, the offer is the offer, and is a very reasonable price for the information you would be getting access to. Please respect our time by not haggling.

"Can I have it for longer or shorter?"

No, we are offering one time period only. after which we hope you will choose to stay a member by posting reviews.

"I am a member of another forum and want to keep reviewing there, can I subscribe here and just read?"

No. We have strict exclusivity rules. If you subscribe here and review on other sites, we will revoke your subscription, no refunds. Please do not purchase a subscription here if this is your situation. Leads provided by TNT members are for TNT members.

"Can you show me just one review of this lady please? I want to see her then I will provide a review."

No. You need to become a member to read the reviews.

"Does the subscription get me into all of TNT?"

No. It gets you into the general forums, which includes a large amount of fresh reviews and discussion content. There are additional restricted forums that require reviews to access, as well as some niche subscription forums which help fund the site instead of using paid advertising.

"I am a working lady. Can I subscribe and read the reviews?"

No. We do not provide any access to working ladies, and will revoke your access if it is determined you are a working lady. No refunds.

"I own or work at a massage shop, brothel or agency. Can I subscribe and read the reviews?"

No, this is against our terms and conditions. If we believe this to be the case, access will be revoked, no refunds.

"I subscribed but punting isn't for me. Can I get a refund?"

No. Subscriptions are non-refundable.

"Can I join the restricted forums?"

Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements by posting the required number of reviews.

"Can I subscribe to the niche forums as well?"

No. You need to get some runs on the board first.
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