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The first question we get when new members want to join is

"Can I just subscribe to all of your content and get it without having to review?"

The answer to that is no. We want you to be an active participant on the forum rather than someone who just sits in the shadows. Think of the Sugarbabe Forums as a kind of Gentlemen's Club that you are an exclusive member of. Would you want members who pay to read your stuff and then don't share back their own? Of course not.

"What can I subscribe to?"
You can subscribe to the Level 1 (entry level) sugarbabe forum, referred to by us as the Sugarbabe Intel forum. This gives you access to thousands of live leads, a chance to interact with other members and feel you way around the forum to see if it is for you (and if you are for us).

"Can I subscribe to all the SB forums?"
No. We only provide access to the Level 2 and 3 forums to those who are actively submitting review content.

"What is the SB Intel forum then?"
Intel posts are summaries of conversations with SBs that provide enough information about her expectations, boundaries and financial negotiations to date. They can be as a result of in person meets or discussions over a messaging app.

"What is the point of that?"
There are positive interactions where you may not end up having a meet with the SB:
  • We may like her, but perhaps she is out of our price range
  • She may be in our price range, but her own boundaries and preferences don‘t align with ours
  • Her availability and ours may not work (professional and private reasons)
Bad meets cost just as much or more than good ones. Quickly see what others have shared and skip wasting hours talking to someone and potentially get ripped off:
  • Scammers / Ghosters
  • SB agents/pimps
  • SB's seeking significant PPM for platonic coffee meets
  • Hardened SB's who have a new profile every few weeks
  • Hardened WL's using sugarbabe platforms to generate business
These are rife on SB platforms and can be intimidating/overwhelming to deal with. The cost of the subscription is a fraction of what you could lose to a scammer, and a drop in the bucket compared to what you spend on subscription fees to sugarbabe sites, and what you give to SB's themselves for allowances / PPM.

How valuable is your time? Many hands make light work.

"How do I pay?"
Contact @Waterboy or @trenchy for details.

"When can I have access?"
Access is granted the same day that we are able to confirm payment, anonnymous payment options are available.

For bank transfers, the first transaction from your account to ours can take 24 hours.

"Can I have it for longer or shorter?"
No, this is a one-off option after which we hope you will choose to stay a member by posting reviews.

"What do I get ?"
  • access to the TNT Intel forum and the large amount of fresh intel reviews posted daily
  • a copy of "The Smoking Guide to dating Sugarbabies"
  • discussion forums
  • stats from the TNT Librarian
  • the popular Sugar Babe highlights section
"I am a Sugarbabe. Can I subscribe and read the reviews?"
No. We do not provide any access to sugarbabes and will revoke your access if we believe that you are one. No refunds.

"Can I join the other TNT forums?"
Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements. You can't see them as part of this subscription though.

Unique to Punting Forums, a world first from TNT.
The TNT Librarian is a robot with data matching algorithms in place, gathering and sorting reviews and bundling up information, which saves you valuable time and finds you better results, faster.
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