TNT Policy on what is allowed in reviews, regarding working ladies

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We do get a lot of PM's from WL's wanting to join TNT to check out their reviews for various reasons, like the one i received yesterday.


I am a working girl - name removed

I have seen there are a few reviews about me.

Am I able to access them?

Thanks Trenchy x


Hi xxxxxx,

We only have punters on this site. So we don't have advertisers or working Ladies on the forum, so as not to have any conflicts of interest.

We are fully funded by punters.



Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Trenchy. That's fine. The only question I have is that the reviews don't publish our addresses for private escorts - that's the only thing I am really concerned about.


No of course not.

We are big on this, well ahead of other forums in what we do not allow.

Here is an extract from our rules.


Oh wow that's great! Thanks again and have a great weekend. xxxxx xo


So we thought, we may as well publish this extract from our rules, so all WL's can read it.


Many of us have conversations with ladies we see. Sometimes they feel comfortable enough to talk about their private lives.

This might involve telling you, for example:
  • their real name
  • their private phone number or private social media ID
  • where they go to university or college and what they study
  • what they are studying
  • if they have a boyfriend or husband
  • if they have a job outside of the sex industry
  • details on what car they drive
  • how many kids they might have........... Get the idea?

We do not want to see private details like the above posted on TNT. Ladies we see and review are entitled to respect and privacy in relation to their private lives.

You should also not share details like:
  • their private address
  • descriptions of their tattoos
  • unique events that have nothing to do with the punt, such as being their last customer last Friday and dropping them at the train station or home afterwards
  • unique discussion topics
  • photos sent to you in private that are not in advertising material
  • consensual photos or footage you took during a punt

We do not need to know what ladies do outside in their private lives. It's none of our business, so if they tell you these kinds of things do not post them on here.

You should also include a link to their advertising material to verify their WL status.

All we ask is you try and think before you post on here.
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