Welcome to 2021 on TNT and some of the 913 reviews posted inside thenakedtruth.reviews in January 2021

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An example of what TNT is like inside the forum.

I made a similar post on the first day of 2020, let's hope 2021 turns out to be a lot better than 2020. It's now been 26 months since we shifted TNT onto the new platform we have today, and it's been running pretty smoothly throughout 2020.

Last year i said this.

"Our progress has been significant in 2019.

We have burst through the 500 reviews per month barrier consistently. No other forum can get near that, in fact their numbers are in decline, some serious decline, punter planet can only manage about 400 reviews a month and dropping. And to think when we started we had nothing and they had several years head start on us.

Now we have broken through 600 reviews a month on a couple of occasions.

You would have to be a member of all the sub-forums to see them all, there are some members who would see them all."

Now let's look at 2020

2020 was very lumpy with review numbers due to lockdowns, we're still not entirely sure where we are going to land as an average. We thought 500 a month was significant and 600 a month was pretty darn good if we got that consistently.

November 2020 saw 1070 reviews posted across TNT and December 2020 saw 928 reviews posted across TNT , figures like that are pretty astounding in my opinion.

In 2019 TNT also introduced never before seen innovations such as the TNT Librarian and the TNT Library, those 2 features were further enhanced with additional features rolled into them during 2020.

Also in 2020 the Sugarbabe forum and Sugarbabe Bareback forum were upgraded and enhanced and a Library was introduced to support those forums. These 2 forums are progressing nicely with a very healthy number of reviews posted each month.

A dedicated TS forum was introduced during 2020, it's early days for that forum, as it was rolled out just before lockdown.

The BBFS forum for private escorts, brothel girls and RnT girls continues to kick goals with a very good number of reviews each month.

The RnT verified forum remains very active on TNT.

So we are looking to further improve TNT during 2021, with several ideas and new innovations set to roll out during the course of 2021. The first of these will not be far away, it could be a game changer for punters who like to discover new gems or happen to fluke a gem.

Going forward in 2021, we expect we can deliver more unique features that will assist you in your punting.

All we ask is that you post all reviews of your sessions, and in a timely manner, so the Librarian can do her job effectively.

Have a great 2021 from all the staff of TNT.

Hello Members,

A massive effort from all the TNT members posting their reviews this month.

It's amazing to see the TNT Librarian in action with her graphs and statistics, posting daily in many reviews, and linking up reviews and Girls aliases..

The TNT Library itself is an amazing resource, now with tens of thousands of reviews in the Library and stats at your fingertips. All members with a Library card need to give this a go when you are thinking about searching the old fashioned way. Go to the Library and research and search within there. The enhanced search is a ripper as well. It will save you time and get you the results you are looking for fast.

The Bareback forum has it's own Library as well with only BBFS reviews and hundreds of them in there, to easily hone in on the suburbs of interest.

The Sugarbabe forums are kicking goals with lots of reviews from around Australia.

Also a big thanks to the behind the scenes taggers who are still at it


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