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I slept through the whole thing
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Following are some quotes taken from posts in the intel forum, which is the Level 1 entry level forum for SB reviews at TNT.

Once you read intel posts you know straight away whether or not it is worth engaging with the SB on one of the relevant platforms or move on, bullet dodged. Vital information for beginner SD's!

Time Wasters - one member did the work, all can avoid

"She said she'd love to meet but then radio silence as soon as I tried to get her on Whatsapp."

"Drops one or two word responses every second day. She asks for 500 ppm. There's no chemistry or effort, just a cash grab."

"Very slow to respond on SA but when she did stipulated $1k ppm."

"Very tedious to deal with. Finally moved her to Kik after a couple months or so of sporadic messaging on SA."

"Took a week or so for B to reply on SA. Moved to Kik where comms are very sporadic bordering on terrible."

"Then she ghosts me less than 2 hours before we'd arranged to meet. Nothing more several days later."

"Painfully slow and short responses via chat. 4 days back and forth and this is what I get. $500 platonic. That's it. Every response is maximum 3 words or barely comprehensible. No other option available. Just $500 platonic. Relying solely on her looks and thinks that she doesn't need to communicate like an adult."

PPM Pricing - these things change but if its out of your comfort zone, move on without spending the time

"I suggested 400 - 500 but was told she gets 1000 normally so we probably aren't a match."

"I tried to set up a meet and greet, she asked for $1500. I politely declined."

"Back and forth about how she wants a connection and casual fun. Then drops the bomb that she expects to be paid $250 for a coffee meet."

"She told me that if I’m looking for ppm to fck someone for 2 hours then to get an escort. But……then she told me that she charges $400 p/hr and tried to rationalise it with a 4 hr meet that included dinner and intimacy…..but she’s not an escort…..looking for between $1,200 - $1,600 ppm based on a 3-4hr meet."

Scammers - keep your money safe from them

"Then I get the dreaded 'can you send me $ for petrol?'. Usual scammer move. I offer to pick her up or add a bit of extra $ onto the PPM but she refuses. Comms dropped off then."
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The following quotes are taken from members with their permission (extracted from reviews in our Sugarbabe forums)

"So here lies the value of intel, I had messaged her about a month ago, she just replied then, a couple of back and forths, shared pics, I read this thread, and block her immediately. Didn't get close to intel / ppm etc.

I couldn't fuck the amount of attention I am attracting with 2 dicks, so threads like this are an absolute fucking lifesaver. I'm sorry someone had to find out the hard way but it's much appreciated."


"Approached her on Seeking with an arrangement for intimacy. Moved to Kik to discuss details. Gave me a PPM range of $700-$1000. I countered with $500 given I had to pay for a hotel. Which she accepted without any hesitation. Very odd. I then asked for a face pic to finalise deal which she refused to send. I responded by telling her that a meet won’t happen if I don’t see one. She assured me she was beautiful.

I then went back and checked my original message on Seeking and what struck me as odd was that I hadn’t given her access to my private pics that disclosed my face. When I quizzed her on why she would accept $500 without seeing me she responded that I’m too young anyway and only wants older men. Conversation abruptly ended. Upon reflection, it really felt to me like an Intel grab for the SB group on FB. Do not send your face pic what ever you do if you want it kept private."


"I just got a hello from her and an ask to share my pics, I did, then [searched the Forum] and clicked on to this tab, read this, and have unshared."


"I messaged her about 3 days ago and she was very prompt in reply. She looks pretty hot with the pics and as we chatted I found out she is quite kinky and sub and doesn't say no to many things.So I asked her for a quick coffee meet. This is where the drama started.

She told me there are a "few" guys who have messaged her and 3 of them have purchased things from her Wishlist and she wants to give priority to people who buy her wish list so I have to wait till she is done with them and if she is still available as she might like one of them.

Yesterday I got a message from her saying that now there are 5 guys who have either sent her $300 cash for her to "enjoy weekend" or have purchased things from her Wishlist so I have dropped further in list and basically If I want to see her I have to consider $300 coffee meet.

So I wished her luck and deleted the chat."


As a past user of the forum (circumstances have changed and have had to give it a rest for the time being) it was an absolute wealth of information and a $$$ saver a few times. Couldn’t recommend it more and if I ever get back to the SB’s my first port of call will be getting back into the forums that’s for sure. Good luck to all who are able to get around it.


“This is the kind of intel we come here for. Well done sir.”

In reply to a member who posted fresh intel about a particular SB who has been on the site under at least three different profiles and who has scammed another, very experienced member, out of $500.

She’s very careful with not using the same photos and phones numbers and is very difficult to spot. Not knowing that she is a pro scammer could set you back a fair amount of coin.

Knowing who to avoid can be as important as knowing who to chase.


"Thought I would update you...

Gone back twice and she has gotten better each time. [One] visit I had her put on a blindfold and leave the front door unlocked with some music blasting so she didn’t know when I arrived. It was super hot and one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

[Another] visit was an early morning visit. She left a spare key hidden for me to come in while she was asleep. I love girls in the morning and mentioned it. She was happy to give me this experience and felt amazing when I slid into bed. I spooned her for over a hour before she rolled over and started to dfk me. A few hours of intense fucking and I was on my way to work for the day.

We have kinda gone way past what I was expecting when going down this SB rabbit hole."


"Bingo, the intel is so valuable, knowing that she can only really meet during the day and on the eastern edge of the city is a great foot in the door - I far prefer day meets and knowing that the location is important to her is a massive leg up, I'll send her a message saying I prefer day meets as part of my opener and see what happens."

"Having TNT - I no longer second-guess the lifestyle I chose.

Initially I thought I was the only one who hunt week in and week out. Am I sex maniac or sex addict? But reaffirm, I am neither.

With TNT around, I realize I have fellow gentlemen who are genuine SDs who enjoy the achievement of being with the hottest girl in the city. I realize there are punters like me who provide platform and avenue for fellow punters.

I can also depend on TNT for any cross check and reference before I commit anything which give me an arsenal to use when I sealing the deal. Also not forgetting the friendship and friendly banter I established with some of the nicest gents.

Finally I am impressed with how the gents especially admins want to create the safe, consensual and respectful haven - for SBs too. When I started out, I was being pulled over for some inappropriate words and borderline words but that makes me impressed about TNT more for the place we try to build here.

The feeling of warmth or simple home is why I love TNT SB Forum."
"I haven't had a dud SB punt yet thanks to TNT."

"I met a SB to discuss an arrangement, we agreed on an allowance and I gave her money in advance, then she ghosted me. I posted a review to warn others, TNT members quickly pointed me to four of her old profiles with different names where she had scammed other members in similar fashion. I understand the value of Intel forum, posts now, if I had posted one before the meet I would have cancelled and kept my money safe."

"I am still pinching myself that this world exists. Just 6 months ago I walked into my first RnT."
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A brand new SB forum member cancelled meet that was going to cost him $1K after searching the SB and finding that she had many previous ID's and a rather dubious history. This graph, as presented by TNT Librarian along with the feedback from other TNT members, tells the story:


"I am very grateful for all the information I've received today. The funds saved will now be deployed elsewhere and I will most likely enjoy the other sessions a lot more."
“You can connect with sexy younger women that are after no drama hook ups , just like us, with none of the meaningless chitchat and clinger behaviour in between meets”
"The camaraderie of the TNT SB forums is the best - it's like you've got a team full of guys who 100% have your back and want you to bang only the finest quality sugarbabes and get the best experience possible"
"It's basically a men's shed for the guys who are looking for more than an escort experience"
“The unfair advantage in the dating world”
If you've ever looked at the beautiful young women walking past and wondered what it would be like to sleep with them...
If you've ever wondered whether they'd want to sleep with you, or whether you could satisfy them...
If you've ever had regrets for not making the most of your younger years and wish you could have your time over again...
If you've had nagging FOMO that modern women are far dirtier and love sex more than women of our generation did...
The sugar babe dating world will resolve all those questions and your only possible regret will be that you didn't start earlier
It's all so true.

And even better reading it sitting at my desk having lived it via barebacking a young hottie and cumming all over her big fake tits merely a couple of hours ago.
The good news is that age does not have to be an issue….. with the right approach you can still be enjoying genuinely great non transactional sex with gorgeous 20 somethings into your late 60’s and hopefully even beyond!!!
It’s akin to a secret society. A brotherhood who’s primary interest is to provide you with the opportunity to meet the best sugar babies the sugar world has to offer.
If knowledge is power, then TNT is the only little black book you will ever need.
Sugar dating is the new dating. Have you ever wanted to skip to the good parts of the film? Fast forward to the happy ending? To not only cut to the chase, but to when the hero gets the girl? To enjoy the honeymoon without the cost of a wedding?

You can find a wealth of information and tips on what to do, how to do it, and who to do it with in the SB forums. Funny, insightful, and physically entertaining, our like minded gentlemanly members provide an unheralded camaraderie in both wooing women, and avoiding the pitfalls.

It's the never ending end of season trip. What happens on tour, stays on tour........
"Thanks to the intel here I knew what to expect, and this was the quickest meet/session I've had, from intro to her bed."
“Another good reason to be in this forum is because of the 5,000 different threads on individual sugarbabes and being able to tell whether they are in your work or social circle. We Sugardaddies have a lot to protect reputation wise and TNT has saved my bacon on more than one occasion when I was just about to open my private photos to someone on Seeking Arrangement!”
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“Serves me right for not reading other reviews of her!”

Says one member after dropping $500 on a very poor experience with a SB who had previously been flagged in our database.

Knowing who to avoid is just as valuable as knowing who to connect up with.
“Whew. Thank god for the forum. Bullet dodged. Politely rejected her and moving on.”

Says one member after saving himself a good amount of money and time after reading Intel about a known troublemaker.
"She's reached out to me but I've not replied. Thank you for sharing the intel, you saved me wasting my time!"
“Wow. 1,400 sex meets now reviewed. That’s amazing from this team. Well done everyone ? “
"it is thru this forum and some valuable insights/reviews that we each provide here is what makes this journey most exciting for everyone."
“Your book has made for a good read though and I've practically used quotes out of it to get some of the best responses so far. Money well spent...that will hopefully pay off even more soon enough..will no doubt be keeping you posted.”
"I'm really glad I found this forum. I've never known a space where this sorta stuff can be talked about so freely/positively & without the misogyny that seems to come with punting talk at a couple of the tradie pubs I occasionally drink at. It's a sex positive, yet realistic while supportive & respectful space."
“You just have to read through the Sugarbabe threads on other forums to know that not everybody is well suited to a forum like this.

I've wasted a LOT of money on punting and this feels a bit like I'm getting an unfair advantage with TNT.”
“Soo I've been a Punter for some time and usually have been more in the higher end of the $$ going for the hot bod blah blah.

Saw a Sugarbabe post here and peaked my interest and dipped my toes in, whoa! What an experience ? I have never had such fulfilling sexual and romantic experiences, just perfect almost like back at high school and the butterflies when you meet the crush for the first time.

I mean VFM is amazing and simple fact that I have had meets and time was not even a thing and my successful visits have all been just an amazing experience. Feels more real and not a transactional WL experience. Moreover the confidence it's given me as a person.”
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“I’m sure we all share the sentiments but I regularly reflect that without TNT the experience to date would not have been nearly as good. In fact the SB/SD world incorporating TNT is a match made in heaven!”
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“Has indirect benefits too, it definitely got me to make some pretty significant fitness changes to strip the fat and build up muscle.”
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“Massive thank you for the work you’ve done highlighting SB world and it certainly got me interested and can tell you having an absolute field day!! Have never had a more fulfilling experience like I have in the sugaring world!! Made a massive difference in my own personal life!”
“And as she showered I lay there pretty pleased with myself. What a fuck. Such intensity. Emotional. It was sugaring at its best. It makes all of the hit and misses, flakes, ghosting, endless texts, wasted money, subscriptions, secret profiles, accounts and phones worth while. It’s why we run the gauntlet doing what we do. All for this moment of joy.”
“Thanks so much. The Intel in the SB Verified sub-forum (Level 2) has already saved me a punt and $500."
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“Love the work that has gone into the book.

Look forward to stumbling through the journey armed with some helpful hints.”
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